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Re: New wpa2 problem

am at home and ive been hack for over 2 years and comcast know but won't help, on top of that am a disable person ,what disrespect right and i have been with for more that 8 years but i did change to ATT and there service is so bad i even had the number of the owner of att and call him and he did even care so i came back to comcast hopping thay would be more responsible  and help a disable person but i don't even know if this post will get on line i do know comcast dns is 75.75 and 2 75.75 , but somehow my is and i have lost 30 computer to this and all i get is people saying did you run your vires software ,and me just havend to write this don't you think thay should pay for the computer i have lost and all the hours on the phone with them,and on top of that i am tazz427hp and idid have 5,5billion humans following me but i can't even log back to my account at home i have to go to a free wifi of a friends home just to be able use the internet ,what disrespect right i have call them all mose ever day and they know i been hack but they do nothing to help a disable personal .i real think thay need to step up and help don't you and i i could just open my internet at home without been hack with 5.5 billion human followers me don't you think that comcast would have more business but they keep tell me the same thing over and over but no help 


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Hi, I promoted your post to a separate thread and I have escalated your issue to the Comcast Team available to these forums. Check back often for a reply in this thread or via Private Message from a Comcast Official Employee.

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Re: New wpa2 problem

Hi @tazz427hp

Looks like you have a lot going on there. If your network has suffered a serious security breach, your best chance of getting that resolved correctly is to hire a professional to help you. A professional can come to your home and help you secure your network and identify any potential threats or breaches. Your issues are beyond the scope of what Comcast agents can do. It's not even something that the collective knowledge of the community can address, you need professional on-site help.

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Re: New wpa2 problem


tazz427hp, if you believe you have been hacked please reach out to our customer security assurance team here: 844-335-8719.