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Re: Early Termination Fees For Moving Out of Service Area

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Re: Early Termination Fees For Moving Out of Service Area

This company policy is a joke!!  I had a similar situation where I made a change to the service and was not in a contract originally and making the change put me in a 2 year contract.  Several months later I had to move due to work requirements and since Comcast wasn't offered in the city I moved to which was an hour away and after disputing the charges TWICE with promise of call back each time, no response and then sent the termination fee charges without notice to a collection agency!! 


These policies need to be changed from only death or military to a situational basis and build a better customer relationship when things are out of their control.  Having to waste hundreds of dollars on a ETF because someone has to move is insane because they cancel service and not even able to transfer service.


For a communication company the internal communication structure is pathetic!!  If you are told someone will be back in touch with you on a situation then someone should reach out either via email, phone, text of the situation and hopefully more people speak loud enough to be heard to make these changes as I am sure there are many many others with similiar issues with no positive results. 

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Re: Early Termination Fees For Moving Out of Service Area


Jsturgill82, sorry to hear about your experience. What was your dispute regarding? Were you told that you wouldn't have to pay the ETFs for moving? 

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