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Re: Constant outages, rude employees

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Re: Constant outages, rude employees

I couldn’t agree more with the topic contributor.


For years we enjoyed excellent service from Comcast, but in the Fall of 2018, Comcast required me to obtain new equipment and since swapping, the integrity of the service has plummeted to unprecedented  lows.


First, we are unable to use our own Roku streaming device with the Comcast modem. I haven’t even been able to connect my PS4 to the WiFi. On the devices that do connect, we experience frequent interruptions. Nothing destroys the immersiveness of watching a film more than a black screen. Constant. Daily and usually hourly.


Phone service? Exactly the same. Sometimes it goes out when you are on the phone, sometimes you just don’t get a dial tone. 


To top off the above, recently my company switched to Comcast business. One thing I can tell you is they are consistent: their business service is just as bad as their residential. Today our Comcast landline dropped service while I was talking to a client. Our computers are constantly white screening to “ You have no connection”. It’s ludicrous. 


I don’t know what they are doing, but the Xfinity service is best described as a string and a tin can. What’s worse is they don’t even seem to know how to connect the string to the can. Pathetic.



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Re: Constant outages, rude employees

Yshnu, welcome to our community! I understand the importance of having reliable service. I'd love to have the opportunity to help out! Please send me a PM with your first and last name so we can review this further together. 

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Re: Constant outages, rude employees

Thank you for responding to my message.


We still have problems with our cable box resetting 2-3 times while viewing content. I am thinking the cable box is defective and I would like a replacement. I learned I can order one by going to Chan 1995 and ordering. I just don’t want to do this if the new cable box is going to be the same.


I also still have problems connecting my Roku and ps4 to the internet. I bought my own modem to correct this issue, but haven’t yet installed it. I would be willing to pay a technician to complete the installation, depending on the service charge. I’m not even sure if this is the solution, but I’m willing to try anything at this point.