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Re: Cancellation Fee

The official word on early termination fees:


Basically, if you're in a contract and cancel early, you incur a fee unless the contract says otherwise.  If your gf isn't under a contract, maybe you can cancel hers instead without a fee.

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Cancellation Fee

So my gf moved into my appartment and we both had comcast. We talked to 3 different agents about having her comcast account moved to my address and cancelling my comcast account. No need to have two accounts for one location, right? Thrice we called, and  and thrice agents failed to mention a $123 Cancellation Fee or any cancellation fee whatsoever. How can this be? I see other peoples bills are adjusted or reduced by half. I call and complain and nothing. Ask to talk to a supervisor, not allowed. What is this? What type of shady unethical business are you trying to run, hide information in fine print and don't tell the customer about hidden fees? If this is how you treat current customers, I don't see how you won't become AOL.

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Re: Cancellation Fee


Hello Tony123487, the information that (Welcome_to_Post) provided is correct. The only way early termination fees are avoided is to keep at least one service active. You can check the contract term for both accounts and see which one has the less amount of time left on the contract so you pay as less of an ETF as possible, or you can transfer the service to someone else that they can fulfill the contract terms.