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Re: $120 $5 a month Ipad offer?? - ordered in March and still no iPad

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Re: $120 $5 a month Ipad offer?? - ordered in March and still no iPad

I am a long-time Xfinity customer, recently upgraded from Double Play to a Triple Play. Ordered the $120/$5 month installment 128gb iPad in early March 2018, with confirmation e-mail/order number received 3//10/18 along with a copy of the retail installment agreement for the iPad. It shipped 3/12/18.


FedEx attempted to deliver the package three times - while we were out of the country on - 3/14/18, 3/15/18, and 3/16/18 (I did have a vacation notice/package hold for about a week at that time on my FedEx account knowing that the package required a signature for delivery). I have my FedEx shipment tracking and delivery attempt notices. While FedEx should of held the package for our return 3/26/18 - on 3/21/18, FedEx returned the iPad to Fort Worth TX and FedEx noted delivery confirmation 3/26/18 back to Fort Worth TX.


My 4/4/18 Xfinity bill shows the "Wifi Ipad 1 of 24 Device Installation Plan charge of $5.00 posted on 3/10 - the same day I received my order confirmation and the retail installment contract.


4/13/18 - Called Xfinity customer service s/w "Judy" and provided both FedEx tracking #s to me and back to Fort Worth. Escalated to "Brandon" in Billing who provided a "value add escalation Ref#046059048 and was promised resolution by 4/18/18 with a call back. No call back...


4/20/18 - Called Xfinity customer service again and spoke w/"Lauren" who confirmed my order # in their system. Transferred to "Brandy" in Wifi Ipad Support and was told the order will have to be manually re-entered with the original order# to get processed. Brandy promised to call me back to confimr when they have completed on their end. No call back...  


4/26/18 - I paid our current Xfinity bill which included the first installment payment for the Wifi Ipad that I have not yet received. Called Xfinity and spoke again w/"Brandy" at the national Center in Charleston SC. She has not received any internal repsonse yet to her 4/20/18 escalation request. Have now been escalated to "Tier 2" - ticket #21035556. She offers to apply a $20.00 credit for the difficulties I have experienced while attempting to resolve receviing the iPad. She promises to call me back within 3 business days or once the iPad has shipped.


5/4/18 - "Wifi Ipad 2 of 24 Device Installation Plan" payment of $5.00 shows on my current bill


5/8/18 - Called Xfinity customer service and speak w/"Michelle". Order is still not processed. She promises to call me back within 2 business days.


5/15/18 - No communications received from Xfinity to offer updates or resolve the order. I simply want the Ipad that was orderd back on 3/10/18 and for which I have been invoiced and paid the installments as agreed. Simply wish Xfinity to fulfill customer promises/contracts. Personally, I have been satisfied with our Xfinity services, but very frustrated with the lack of truly responsive customer service and lack of expedited/Xfinity's seemingly confused handling of this particular matter. 


I look forward to your response

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Re: $120 $5 a month Ipad offer?? - ordered in March and still no iPad

Hi AnomalyZ23, thank you for reaching out and apologies for your experiences.  I would like to look into this for you, could you  please send me a private message with your account information (your name, address and account number). 


Thank you 

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