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Rates and Biling

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Rates and Biling

I have had Comcast just forever - same channels/premiums and all - but the bill has just creept up to now $170+ a month.  Its just getting too high to justify, even for a single person living alone who really likes cable and what it offers.  I dread the phone call to customer service; its always a tremendous amount of time and frustration to get little rate change (if at all).  The rate offered a new-comer vs. the rate a loyal and long-time customer can get are miles apart.  It seems very counter-intuitive to penalize long-term customers with more cost, yet, that is what Comcast-Xfinity is doing as a part of business model.  Yes, I need my issue resolved or cable has to go the way of the landline.  But, a better question, is how to get Comcast/Xfinity to reward long term customers like me?

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Re: Rates and Biling

Hi rer4021,


No need to call into the call center, I can help you with your billing concerns through a private message here. New customer pricing is offered at an introductory rate. After the first year of service, like everyone else, their promotional rates begin to fall off causing a rate increase as well. I can review your account to see how I can help lower your rate again. Please send me a private message verifying following information: 

  • First and last name of the account holder
  • Primary phone number on the account
  • The street address associated with your services
  • Full account number


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.

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