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Rate Jump

In January, (logging names of agents, dates & times), I spent more than 9 hours on the phone (over several days) straightening out a $60 service charge on my bill that should never have been added. Even though I am not a movie watcher, I was given three months of HBO and SHO time for free. I asked if those channels would automatically drop at the end of three months as I did not want to be billed.  I was told they would be dropped and no bill would be sent. Not trusting Comcast, I went on line to check that those two channels would NOT be continued and that I would NOT be charged at the end of the three months.  What a surprise.  I was told that I already had HBO as part of my "premium" package (No, I did not! And, I never ordered a "premium" package). Continuing the conversation, I was told that I did NOT have a package and my rates would go up at the end of February to the latest promotional rate...$20 higher than what I pay now. (No mention of mandatory auto-deduct, etc. ) Asking more questions, I was told I had a double play package (TV/Internet) and my phone was separate.  Then, I was asked when I changed my package!!! 


If Comcast is trying to drive me to distraction, you won.  Unless you can fix this, you lost me as a customer ... 

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Hi coffeecup13, 


Thanks for reaching out. I'd like to review your account and help address your billing concerns in a private message. To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me. In the body of this message please verify the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Account number or Phone number on the account
  • The full street address including unit number city state and zip code