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i have been with xfinity for years, at the beginning of last month i decided to sign up for gigabit service, where i would get 1GBps down and 40 up.  ($89.99) 

1- i was told by rep that renting modem is REQUIRED for gigabit service, which is completely untrue, i returned it the next day

2- I'm being charged $5 for regional sports fee and $7 for Broadcast tv fee, even though i only have internet service, i cancelled my tv 

3- 1 terabyte data cab, COME ON SERIOUSLY, every time i call about the data cab, they always try to make you pay an additional $50 for unlimited. gigabit service SHOULD NOT have data cabs, where are in 2018

4- I'm not getting what i'm paying for, my speeds are way INCONSISTENT, depending on time of day, they will range between (100MBPS - 940MBPS down). i called several times, i end up being on the phone for more than 50 min, being bounced back and forth between reps, i got tired of calling, the last time i called this guy offered to send a tech out, but the only Apt available was on saturday at 7am, i told him i was not available, he said thats is the apt Comcast has, he puts me on hold for more than 40 min, then never comes back so i hung up, and HE STILL SEND the tech out. SERIOUSLY.

5- is it normal for 4 apartment to have a 4 way splitter into 4 different apartments coming out of ONE coax cable, wouldn't that degrade the signal hence why my speed is inconsistent???

6- DATA cab scam, comcast has been charging more for me passing the data cab, but my router has exact amount of data i used both up and down for the entire month, and i'm 200 GB less than what comcast says  i have used, when i called the still pushed the unlimited plan for an extra $50

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Hey TAXPRO2018, 


Sorry you feel this way. I'd like to look into your account to help address your concerns. Please send me a private message by clicking on my name, "ComcastChe" then click private message me. In the body of this message please verify your first and last name, the phone number, street address, and the account number associated with your services.

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