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RE: Downgrade to high speed internet only

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RE: Downgrade to high speed internet only

I currently have a Triple Play package... and use 0% of the phone service (I don't even have a phone connected to the wall) and barely use my TV service (which only involves watching the local news channels and local channels for prime time shows).  There are numerous channels on my Triple Play that I never watch.


Is it at all possible to downgrade and only have high speed internet? I know the more services you have the "better" the deal you get. There's just no sense in me having phone or TV service, since I have no use for them. 


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They told me that if I went with just Internet and TV it would cost THE SAME as the triple play. But with Triple Play you have to have a Wifi modem which is $10/month rental from them. 


I've been trying to downgrade to internet only to enjoy Amazon Prime and Netflix for one day. No success yet on this side. 


What about you? 

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Re: RE: Downgrade to high speed internet only



@jwalbring1 - I received your private message, I can provide the pricing for the internet-only packages but I need to get your full name, address, and a phone or account number. Please send me another private message with the required information and I will assist,


@TiredCustomer42 - Please send me your account information (as listed above) in a private message and I will definitely check any available Double Play promotions in your area.