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Below is a redacted chat... I am not sure if I communicated my request for info succinctly, or comcast truly doesn't know what ip addresses they assign or braodcast to, or it was something else...


Please advise



8:32:29 AM Customer . : trying to access my router remotely for this account...ip address(wan) has changed i think and I was hoping you could tell me the current address. The last known ip address was

---You are now chatting with Support---

8:32:45 AM Support : 

Hi Customer, thank you for contacting Xfinity Chat Support.  My name is Support.  

8:32:51 AM Customer . : heloo

8:32:53 AM Support : I hope you are doing well?

8:33:11 AM Support : No worry, i will help you with your all concerns on this chat

8:33:20 AM Support : Before we begin may I have your first name, last name and complete service address  to pull and review the account details

8:34:00 AM Customer . : Customer ., ADDRESS

8:34:26 AM Support : Thank you for the detail.

8:34:42 AM Support : As I understand, your internet is not working fine?>

8:34:48 AM Support : Am I right?

8:35:11 AM Customer . : I am not able to remotely access my router

8:35:59 AM Customer . : I believe my ip address has changed and I do not have the current one

8:36:08 AM Support : Alright

8:36:18 AM Support : I will help you with this

8:37:22 AM Support : Just for confirmation, you want to enter in admin settings?

8:37:28 AM Support : Correct?

8:37:34 AM Customer . : yes

8:37:48 AM Support : Sure, i will help you with this right away

8:37:56 AM Support : Please stay connected

8:38:03 AM Customer . : ok

8:39:10 AM Support : Customer, please follow these steps to enter in router settings.

8:39:31 AM Support : Type

8:39:37 AM Support : A login screen displays.

8:39:42 AM Support : Enter the cable modem user name and password.

8:39:51 AM Support : The user name is admin. The default password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive. The BASIC Home screen displays.

8:40:12 AM Support : After done these steps, please let me know

8:42:34 AM Customer . : I am not on the local network... I am trying to log in remotely... I need to use the wan ip address(public) to connect to router login

8:43:24 AM Support : 

8:43:51 AM Support : Please go through this link to check your Ip address

8:44:26 AM Support : 

8:44:34 AM Support : Please try this one

8:45:26 AM Customer . : this returns the network ip address I am currently on... a Fios network gateway IP address

8:46:02 AM Customer . : I need the dynamic IP address that was assigned to me my comcast

8:46:27 AM Support : ALright

8:47:01 AM Customer . : the last one i know was

8:47:09 AM Support : Okay

8:47:25 AM Support : Let me check onmy end

8:48:54 AM Support : Once you will go through that link, you will able to see your IP address 

8:49:13 AM Support : This link shows you dynamic address

8:52:51 AM Customer . : Again... It returns the the Fios gateway address I am connected to... I need to know the dynamic ip address assigned to my account by comcast.

8:53:19 AM Customer . : I am in PA the router is in FL

8:53:30 AM Support : Alright

8:54:35 AM Customer . : when you send a reset signal to my modem...can you see what ip address it is sending to?

8:54:41 AM Support : I understand that and will take care of this.

8:56:23 AM Support : Customer, if youw ant to know about your Ip address you need to call on this number, they will provide you IP address= >1800=-934-6489

8:57:32 AM Customer . : is this comcast customer service?

8:57:58 AM Support : Yes

8:59:00 AM Support : Customer, just for confirmation, you want to access your router form another place?

8:59:05 AM Support : Am i right?

8:59:15 AM Customer . : I called them earlier and they had no idea what I was asking for, they said I need to call my router manufacturer

8:59:29 AM Customer . : yes thats correct

8:59:50 AM Support : Alright

9:00:02 AM Support : Thank you for specifying

9:00:10 AM Support : Let me explain you

9:02:02 AM Support : If you want to access your router, then you need to do some settings in your router then you will able to access your router to one place to another place

9:02:41 AM Support : Let you know, we can not able to get your IP address on our end

9:03:35 AM Support : Only customer can see they IP address through  computer or another device

9:04:12 AM Customer . : Can you send a reset signal to the router?

9:04:25 AM Support : Sure, i will

9:04:52 AM Support : Please stay connected

9:06:00 AM Support : It will take 3-4  minutes, so please stay connected

9:06:04 AM Customer . : When doing so, how do you know what router is being reset?

9:07:57 AM Customer . : I thought that in order to communicate(reset) a router you would have to know the ip address of the device?

9:08:07 AM Support : Customer, your router has added on account, with the help of this we can send refresh signals on your router

9:09:18 AM Support : Customer, we have static IP address, we can not know about dynamic IP address

9:09:48 AM Support : Only you can get your Dynamic IP address through given link.

9:10:43 AM Customer . : do you have a static ip address for my router?

9:10:50 AM Support : Let em explain you what is dynamic and static IP address

9:10:57 AM Support : Yes

9:11:14 AM Support : I have given to you on the above of the chat

9:11:27 AM Support : Let me provide you once again

9:12:05 AM Support : This is static IP address= >

9:12:38 AM Support : Please go through that link to know about IP address => 

9:13:08 AM Customer . : when connected locally

9:13:26 AM Customer . : thanks for the info