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Property damage

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Property damage

I reported the damage that occurred to our yard and more importantly our driveway during an attempted cable install on July 16th at the local Comcast center in Knoxville on Ashville Hwy to Summer Ragsdale.  Summer filed a damage claim.  In addition our installer Dakota who installed the cable on July 19th filed a damage claim too.  The HOA is asking when the driveway is going to be repaired, but no one will call my husband or I.  Please contact regarding the damage that was clearly caused during the failed attempt to lay the cable under our driveway. This is a brand new home, that had over $3,000 in sod placed and now the driveway is damaged.

Thank you,  Tracy BrewerIMG_2825.JPGIMG_2823.JPGIMG_2824.JPGIMG_2822.JPG