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Property damage

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Property damage

On Oct. 15th, 2017, my technician installed both Internet & Cable. I live in a very unique brick structure with 15" thick brick. I was in the kitchen when the drilling began and not watching the guy. After a few minutes, he says "uh-oh, you're going to need to call TEP" (my electric company). He walks over to the breaker box and I hear a switch turn back on. He said his drill battery was dead and needed to go do a recharge in the truck. Once he left, I looked at the giant hole in the brick, which was about 6" from my outlet. Now I'm not the smartest person, but would not have chosen the same path where all the outlets are located. I was moving in that day and the reason I was not paying much attention to what he was doing.


He comes back in sometime later and starts drilling a new hole lower down. No explanation given. Three hours later, I had my services installed and working properly. Didn't give any more thought to the breaker being tripped. My dad comes over around noon and installed a mini blind in the bathroom. When he tried both light switches, we found there was no power. Because the bathroom is not close to where the drilling happened, I didn't think right away it was due to my technician. Also found 2 outlets were not functioning as well. I put in a maintenance request with the realty co. I pay my rent to. They sent one of their guys out on 10/19/17. He couldn't ascertain why the power was out only in 1 room.


On 10/23/17, the realty co. hired a company to take a look. The electrician cleaned out the first hole and found it was 7" deep. When he took the outlet cover off, there was a black wire sticking straight up and it fell onto the floor. Both the electrician and I took photos of the outlet and the broken wire. When I told the guy the breaker had been tripped, he explained the Comcast technician probably received a shock and the reason he stopped drilling in the first hole.


On 10/27/17, I emailed the situation to a customer service rep at my local office. My email explained fully what happened and photos were included. She forwarded all info to a supervisor. On 10/30/17, I finally get the bid from the electric co. to fix the damage and restore power. Wasn't happy with the amount. Mind you, I had been showering and doing my business in the bathroom with a flashlight. The next day, I hired someone to come out for less to do the work. Once he saw the brick in person, he told me he couldn't do it without chipping away at the brick all day. Asked me to hire a mason to remove a big piece of the wall, and then he would come back to complete the work. I did receive an email response from a supervisor on 11/3/17.


On 11/4/17, I hired another electric co. to come inspect the damage. Instead of removing brick where the issue occured, he divised a plan to go out the kitchen outlet with conduit and tap into the bathroom. Because he didn't have the conduit on him, he returned on 11/6/17 and completed the work. I paid the owner $365.00, which is almost 1/2 my rent. I emailed the supervisor involved, the PDF invoice and a picture of my check on 11/7/17. On 11//10/17 I did hear from her and she verified what I actually owed. I never heard from the supervisor again and still have not received a check.


Because I am a NEW customer with Comcast, I was not aware of opening a ticket. The middle of December, I happened across the forum and read people had opened tickets. So, I start a chat conversation to open said ticket. My chat session with this man lasted 1 hour. He opened a ticket for me and supposedly had a supervisor reading our chat. Someone was to contact me. My ticket expired yesterday, 1/3/18 and I have received no call or email. The rep did inform me that my issue was recorded on my account.


So here we are almost 2 months later, and I have not heard from anyone and have not been reimbursed. I don't know what my next step should be. Would I receive further assistance, if I visit my local office or email the CEO? I would appreciate having this matter resolved.


Re: Property damage

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: Property damage

Hello kactuskim, I show that we have a damage claim in place already. Please send me a private message with your full name, street address, and account number by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then "private message me" so that I can provide an update on the status of your ticket. 

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Re: Property damage

My issue has been resolved. Thank you Comcast!


Re: Property damage

kactuskim -- Glad we could help get this resolved for you!