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I have used comcast since 1987 and I have only one complaint with this company. Every year I must search for promotions and had to use triple bundle to try and keep my costs down. Many times I see offers for new subscribers and not for my use. After being loyal to using comcast for so long and absorbing all the price increases over the years, I don't understand why I can't receive the best price out there and continue each year to pay that price and not have to shop every year. Every year I enter into a new promotion and constantly have to stay on top of it, so I may keep my costs down. Please give the Loyal Customers a break and give a special "loyalty rate" that we can live with. Thank you!

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Re: Promotions

Hi flsfirider, thank you for reaching out and for your suggestion, I will gladly pass this up.  I also can assist going over current promotions with you, could you please send me a private message with your account information (name on account, address and account number).


Thank you