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Promotion for existing Customer

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Promotion for existing Customer

So are there any promotions for existing customers?  I just recently got a call from someone at Comcast stating my internet service is set to go to regular price, but they were trying to sell me Internet and TV, which I have no use for TV and she could not verify if there were any promotions for internet only.  So are there promotions for existing customers for internet only?  

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Re: Promotion for existing Customer

Yes, I find that very frustrating. That tells you something about a company when they lure new customers with one price and then raise the price for existing customers. Doesn't it make more sense, and cost less, to satisfy your existing customers rather than to constantly churn customers? This is why people cut the cable, it is not only about price, but it is the way the business makes you feel. As though existing customers are to be exploited.


You notice when you first log into the COMCAST page you see an offer for $59. cable and HBO. Then you find out that as a existing customer you are not entitled, as though you do not matter anymore. I went through the same thing with a CSR representative, he booked me into a plan and after spending about 45 minutes on the phone with him, I found out I did not qualify.


Of course if I was trying to cheat the system I would turn in my equipment and take out another account under the name of a spouse or child. I am sure many do that. 


But this is the COMCAST business model. I run a business and if I purposely charged long term customers more, I'd lose them all! That is why businesses have occasional sales open to all customers, both old and new. In the sale they hope to gain new customers, but they also keep the interest of long time customers by letting them join in.