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Problem with Prepaid TV account linked to a internet only post paid account

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Problem with Prepaid TV account linked to a internet only post paid account

We are unable to live in our house due to the CampFire (our house survived but most of our neighborhood burned down) so I setup prepaid Internet service a few weeks ago at the house we are living in.  Today when I setup prepaid TV service at the system insisted on linking our prepaid and post paid accounts.


As a result I was unable to get the prepaid TV service to work.


I called support and received a refund for the prepaid TV service I purchased however when I login to the prepaid account under the xfinity user id it still shows the post paid account login information (see screenshot showing where the information is, I blanked out the actual account info).


I have spent over 90 minutes on the phone today. One rep was able to get me a refund on the prepaid TV service but I just had to call back later because that did not resolve the issue. The two reps trying to help when I called back were unable to resolve the issue.


I also tried VIA chat and although the chat rep was very helpful but in the end what was done did not resolve the issue.


This is so frustrating, there should just be a link in my account that lets me do this on my own! It should have taken minutes, I shouldn't have had to make two phone calls, and spend over 90 minutes on the phone and over 4 hours total between phone calls, chat and playing with settings trying to get this fixed myself.


Based on what I see this should be really easy, I just need the option to change the xlinty user id associated with the prepaid account (circled area in the screenshot) so I can setup a new account and login to with the new account and have that account become the one associated with the prepaid account.


I just wanted my father in law to be able to watch football and now I have spent most of my Sunday trying to get this resolved when it is something I should just be able to fix myself!


I appreciate an help you can offer and was hoping the more tech savy reps on the forum might be able to figure this out!


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