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Price increase...again!

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Price increase...again!

A few months ago there was a $20.00 increase on my bill. Had a brief online chat with a Comcast CSR who said that was because the Preferred XL Double Play Package price deal had expired. How 2 years can fly by, right.

This month, the bill went up again by $3.00, making it now a total of $163.01.Totally non-competitive with what AT&T is offering using bundled satellite TV service and their fiber optic network for high-speed Internet, that they claim can deliver 75 mbps download speed consistantly. I am planning on cancelling my service,TV and Internet, in February. I don't even have HD service nor a DVR. I have one box, the free one that has On Demand and two smaller digital converter boxes, along with the Comcast modem/router.

I did have Performance Internet (at 25 mbps at the time), then it was changed to BLAST Internet as part of a new so-called package deal, which has had two "free" speed boosts, first to 75 mbps and just recently to100 mbps, However the leased Comcast modem/router is unable to deliver anywhere near those speeds and I basically use a laptop, move around the house a lot, and seldom my tablet PC or on occasion, my smartphone, but that is using the Comcast wireless hotspots. Ethernet connection, which can/does deliver the claimed latest speed boost, is hence no benefit at all, since I don't plan on purchasing a desktop computer anytime soon.


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Re: Price increase...again!

Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us. I would be happy to assist you from here. Can you verify the first and last name of the primary account holder with me? also, I would need the phone number linked to the account, and the full service address of the account, including house number, street name and any unit or apartment number. You can private message me by clicking my name and clicking private message.

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