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Price for performance

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Price for performance

Curious if it's legal to charge so much money for such awful service. Apparently $160 (Was $140 but I was rewarded for being a 2 year customer with a $20 increase) a month for internet (1 router) and cable (1 box) that mostly works is as reasonable as paying $100 for PPV fights that you miss 3/4 of because it doesn't work; asking for a friend. Another friend wants to know if it's normal for customer service to tell you they can't do something because they don't think it's in the customers best interest.
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Re: Price for performance

We had an issue with our cable tv around this time last year. If you live in a rural area the issue may be cable leak. What happened with ours was the cable goes through our yard past a few tree branches to our house. Over time the cables became partially damaged and reduced effectivity and efficiency. I'm assuming cable leak check along with cable replacement is free (was for us) however our internet and tv was down for about 3 hours because of random tinkering.

Good luck getting a cable layer in when you need to.

Also the fight was a bust. Had a buddy who purchased the fight and it didn't work either. Turns out it was a server side issue with whomever was hosting the ppv, couldn't handle the workload. If you provide proof that the fight wasn't viewable you can get a full refund through your credit card company. (possible screenshots you took of your tv or computer out of anger, my buddies did)

Not a full refund through comcast of course, they just charged your credit card (assuming you purchased this way). You would have to call whichever company you use for credit.
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Re: Price for performance

Hi Fml1,


I can help look into new package options that will help lower your monthly rate. In regards to your friend's question about the fight, did they call in and inform us of the issues they were having at the time of the fight? We had a large number of employees working that night to help support any issues that did arise. As for your other friend's question, I'm not sure I understand I would have to know more details of what happened in that situation to be able to provide an answer. 


If you'd like me to review the promotional offers available in your area, please feel free to send me a private message by clicking on my name, "ComcastChe", then click private message. In the body of your message please verify the first and last name of the account holder and the street address associated with your services. 

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