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Price Discrepancy

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Price Discrepancy

I am not pleased with the lack of communication and consistancy within Comcast.  I chatted with 3 different agents on 3 different days regarding service.  They quoted 200mpbs internet service at 87.95/month.  Yesterday I spoke with an agent on the phone for the same service and was quoted an initial price of 97.95/month unitl January, then as of January the price would be increasing to 102.95/month.  This cost increase was the exact reason I disconnected/cancelled my cable and telephone with comcast.  I find this inconsistancy and price discrepancy unacceptable.  I am looking into other options for internet and will be cancelling my service with Comcast. I have tried to speak with an agent about this and get the same 15min automated voice.  This price discrepancy will be costing me more than what was initially quoted by the 3 chat agents.  Unacceptable.

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Re: Price Discrepancy

Hi, jmmcbr600 - I can review your services and provide an exact price for the desired package. Please send me your name, address, and a phone number associated with your account in a private message.Thank you!