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Prepaid Gift Card Pondering

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Prepaid Gift Card Pondering

So ... hypothetically speaking, of course,  say that one was considering going "all-in" on Xfinity services -- switching cable and internet from FiOS, and taking mobile lines from AT&T to Xfinity -- as well as buying at least two iPhone 8s, would that potential new customer be eligible for a pre-paid gift card? 


Would it matter at all that our hypothetical customer was "offered" a $500 gift card originally, only to be told that it was no longer available?


Asking for a friend, of course.


TIA for any help!!!



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Re: Prepaid Gift Card Pondering

BuddyCianci, You could potentially get a giftcard promotion with your residential services. I'm not aware of any existing promotions for XFINITY mobile paired with iPhones (there is currently a giftcard promotion for iPhone BYOD in select markets, though).