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Power of Attorney and Death Certificate

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Power of Attorney and Death Certificate

Is it true that you MUST go to a Comcast store in person to hand in a POA/Death Certificate? 


I have dealt with this for both my dad and mom and Comcast is THE ONLY company who was so unsympathetic that in our time of grief and mourning expect us to stand in line for 2hrs at a local store that is 30 minutes away to hand in the documents instead of emailing/mailing/faxing them.  


I have read some of the past forum threads about this issue, and was wondering if anyone did actually get an email/fax/mailing address? Or are the only options really to go to the Comcast store or just not pay the bill till services get cut off?  I really am a reasonable person and understand that businesses have their policies....but in this case, this is completely unreasonable, puts an added stress on a grieving family and is completely unnecessary. As I said, I have not run into this with any of the 15+ other businesses I have dealt with on this issue.


Thank you!



Re: Power of Attorney and Death Certificate

Hi rdanek -- We'd like to express our empathy for your lose. The information you've received is accurate. We do require POA/DC be shown in person at a store location. 

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Re: Power of Attorney and Death Certificate

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