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Possible to replace TV box with newer one?

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Possible to replace TV box with newer one?



A few years back, I was compelled to upgrade my Xfinity plan from internet only to internet + TV because the monthly fee was actually less. The thing is, I don't use the TV box at all. It's plugged in and connected, but it's a big old Motorola box that's rather unsightly (about 13" x 17").


I was planning to bring the box and remote control to a local store, but wanted to gather some info on options...


  • If I bring it back, can I get it switched with a newer, smaller box? Is there a cost to do this?
  • Alternatively, can I simply return it and switch to internet only, but still get a reasonable monthly rate? To be honest, I'd rather just have faster internet. Ours runs at ~45 mbps download speed at best, and more like 25 mbps in the evenings. I pay about $100/month.


Thanks for any info.