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Possible Identity Scam

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Possible Identity Scam

I was recently at Walmart and came across an Xfinity representative who approched me and offered to look up any new promotions that I may be elgible for.  I said sure and he handed me his handheld computer (I think it was an iPad)  and I typed in my last 4 digits of my SSN.  It came back as unknown.  I tried a couple more times with no luck.  He then asked for my license, which he then scanned and that also did not find a match. He then said sorry he couldn't do anything and suggested I call Xfinity to check for any eligible promotions.


Does this sound like a legitimate way to identify your customers?  I am now concerned that this person was not a true Xfinity rep and may have just gathered my personal info by associating my last 4 digits of SSN and my license.   Any advice on how to validate that this was a legitimage encounter would greatly be appreciated.  I have not yet contacted Walmart to validate that they did have an Xfinity rep at that store, but I am thinking I better.


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Re: Possible Identity Scam

Hey, MLango. I apologize for any confusion or frustration. We do actually have Xfinity representatives located in various Walmart stores throughout the country. It's possible the information they input and scanned just didn't match what we have listed on our end. You can definitely check with that Walmart location directly to confirm we have a representative based in their store. In fact, for peace of mind I recommend doing just that. That being said, I'm happy to look over the account to make sure everything looks okay, and also check for any new promotions being offered. If that would be okay please click on my name and choose the option to send me a private message with your full name, service address, and the phone number listed on the account.