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Poor Service

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Poor Service

I just got off the phone with possibly the rudeest customer service representative I have ever encountered.I/ have prepaid service and I wanted to make sure my service was extended for the two days it took for them to come out and enable the internet. I also explained that I am unable to connect to the modem on my Samsung and that I had troubleshot the device. This rep was pleasant. She gave me the credit and sent a hit. Unfortunately I use internet calling so were disconnected. The next rep was much less pleasant. She implied that I was trying to get something, she practically told me  to shut up and implied that she could fix the issue with the Samsung phone. I told her I could not connect the device to the modem and that the only way I could connect was using hotspots. Incidentally, it works at my best friends house who has xfinity. I work for your competitor and am crosstraining with tech support and I know there is not much you can do except send a hit. She assured me that I justt needed to let her help me. Nothing has changed. I will be unable to access hot spots at midnight, so no wifi access for this device which means no phone service, no gaming (this phone has all my games) I am really angry and   I want to know who I can contact to complain about this agent. Perhaps they can help train her better. 


Re: Poor Service

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: Poor Service

Hi, stackeydackey - Please accept my apologies for your experience. Feel free to send me a private message with your full name, address, and a phone number. I will also need the name of the agent (if possible) so I can escalate it to the management. Click on my name ComcastElla, then click Private Message Me.  

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