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Poor Internet/TV Connection - Almost No Upload and Heavy Packet Loss

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Poor Internet/TV Connection - Almost No Upload and Heavy Packet Loss



I started experiencing connection quality issues Friday evening, Jan 18. My internet has almost 0 upload speed (speed tests show 0-0.2 Mbps) and ping tests show packet loss around 25%. Download speeds appear to be normal. The issue is not isolated to just the internet/modem/computer because I also notice that the TV is very slow to respond to remote inputs in the Xfinity menus and channel data takes an unusually long time to load. I've tested the modem from different coaxial outlets in the house and with different connecting devices, but there has been no improvement from any setup.


A service tech came out yesterday evening and he replaced some fittings and performed other maintenance. His tests showed that all devices were operating properly when he was done and the issue appeared to be resolved. At the end of his visit I had the expected upload speeds (8-10 Mbps), but I noticed packet loss was still over 5%. About an hour after he left, the upload speed degraded back to near 0 and packet loss was back up to 25%+. There has been no improvement or variation in connection quality since then.


Any suggestions on what could be the source of the problem here? I'm wondering if there's some local Xfinity maintenance going on that could be temporarily disrupting the service. I'm reluctant to think that the issue is with the cable lines in the house since they are only a few years old and only upstream seems to be affected. Any help or insight on this matter would be very appreciated; my work relies on having a strong upload connection so this disruption is quite painful. Thanks.