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Pod failure

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Pod failure

At least 1 of the 6 pods I bought has now failed.  The xfinity app says it is working, but even within 10feet of the pod, we are told that we do not have internet access.  I have reset the gateway, but there is no improvment.  I moved another pod to the same location, and conn ctivity is better.  How do I get a replacement pod.


Re: Pod failure

*How to Obtain Service*
In the event of an Operational Failure of the Covered Equipment, call Comcast at 1-800-xfinity. All claims must be reported within thirty (30) days of the Operational Failure. At Comcast’s discretion, service will be provided either: (i) by repairing or replacing the Covered Equipment at an Xfinity Retail Store, or (ii) by shipping replacement equipment to your service address for self-installation. The foregoing service will be provided pursuant to this limited warranty at no additional cost.


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