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Please bury my drop (cable in yard)

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Please bury my drop (cable in yard)

I had my XFINITY service installed in spring 2019.  I paid for installation, because I did not have a COMCAST cable drop to the house.  The installer dropped a line, laid it over the yard to the house and said someone else would call me to bury the drop.  I never got the call.


I called Comcast Service in the fall to schedule someone to bury the drop.  A Comcast service personnel came out, but was told he was there for some other reason and was not equipped to bury the drop. He said he's request the correct support to bury the drop.  I never got a return call.  The cable is still on the surface of the yard.


Can you help me schedule someone to come out and bury my drop?  It's been sitting out for months and I'm worried it will get damaged or cause harm to friends and family that use the yard.


Thank you.