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Phone service issue

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Phone service issue

I just moved to my new address 1 month ago. I transferred my Xfinity internet service. On February 29th, while I was calling for transferring the internet service, the customer service agent offered me a 5-line xfinity mobile service so that my $29.99 internet service stays at the same price for the next 12 month. I thought that's a good deal, so I accepted the offer, she gave my a new account number. But the next day I found out that I gave her a wrong address for my new place, so I called again to correct the address. Then they gave me a second account number.
On March 12th I brought my 3 phones to a Xfinity store to change my carrier to Xfinity mobile. They said the computer shows I only eligible for 2 lines, but since I have Xfinity internet service, I should have 5 lines. They would call to ask I they can change that. But after finding out one of my phone doesn't support the Xfinity network. I Left with only 2 lines transferred to Xfinity mobile. 
I brought my new phone to the Xfinity store today trying to transfer it under the same account, they told my they couldn't do it because I just transfer my internet to a new address, I am considered as a new customer. I am not eligible to have the third line. I am only eligible for 2 lines for a sometime before I can have the third line. And they can't even give me an exact date that I can add 1 more line. I called the customer service after the visit. The agent told me that I can't add the 3rd line until my internet service in the new address reaches 6 months (I just upgrade the internet service yesterday, so it's 6 months form today).
I am very upset about the experience. After 2 visits and even spent 500 dollars switching my Iphone 7 plus to a Iphone 8 plus just to get the offer you gave me, I am very disappointed. I feel I was tricked. Why the agent offered me a offer that doesn't work at the first place. I still have to pay $30 each month for the leftover phone to cricket for the next 6 months. Can you do something to change that?
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Re: Phone service issue

Hello 987derekchen, this is not the experience that we want for you. Although I can't change your eligibility for the phones we can look into some dates that your other phones can be added to your account. For further assistance, please send me a private message with your full name, street address, phone number, and account number. 

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