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Good morning,

Last week I returned home from a business trip to find an above-grade pedestal installed at the end of my driveway (see photos).  I was informed by Comcast personnel that the box would be permanent, and I am just wondering why we were never notified ahead of the installation.  We never received a letter, email, or phone call. 

Additionally, I am concerned the pedestal will pose a safety risk to my children and others in the neighborhood if they try to climb or jump on it, especially given it’s proximity to the street.  I noticed other devices installed around town are in isolated areas, not in front of residences like in my case.  

Is it possible to have the pedestal converted to one that is flush with the ground?  This is a much more discreet option and one that I think my neighbors and I would be happy with. 

I realize the purpose of this project is to improve your service in our neighborhood, and as an Xfinity subscriber I appreciate your efforts and those of your contractors. 


Dan <Edited: "Personal Information">

<Edited: "Personal Information">



99604821-1990-4000-9C2E-50BF106458AD.jpegRed X represents the pedestalFCE5F8D1-A57A-455A-859E-FB37C3C77C9B.jpegView from front porch