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Package different than what I was told

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Package different than what I was told



I recently had my cable and internet installed. I spoke with an agent and got a package that would include cable and internet, with a DVR box. I will not go into more detail here, but never was anything other than cable or internet discussed by email or text.


I was not able to be at the installation, and apparently my sister was told that the bill would be more without Voice, so it was set up.


Also on set up, my preferred email was changed to a comcast email, which wasn't even set up, and never will be. If I hadn't checked, I would have been receiving bills and communications only to an unmonitored address, but that is not the main issue here.


Voice was never mentioned. I have no phone here. Voice was never in the package to begin with. I am now stuck with a phone number on my account to a phone that does not exist and never will, as I have no plans to purchase a home phone, and I cannot change it or remove it. I also seem to be paying slightly extra each month for some Voice fees, and I have to deal with this Voice Pin thing.


Normally I would call to speak with someone about this, but I understand that due to the current situation you are not taking calls. This is non-urgent, but I wanted it on the record that I am disputing whether Voice was in the package terms.