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Overhead cable was severed - needs replacement

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Overhead cable was severed - needs replacement

Many years ago, the cable line running overhead from the pole to my house was severed by a falling tree branch in a storm. Since I did not have cable service at the time, when I called Comcast they said "Oh well, get rid of it" and never replaced it. 


I would like to order Xfinity internet, and the local store told me several months ago that I would simply need to tell them when I ordered, that the home needs a new cable and it would be installed. With the COVID the stores are closed, but I need better internet at home than the clunky old ATT setup I currently have, so I went and ordered online today. But I don't see any way to explain/request that the installer will need to order a new cable.  Help?  Otherwise, I don't see how I can ever actually sign up and use your services...  And if the installer just sneaks up and drops an package on my porch, how can I explain it to him, too?  Looking for some guidance on how to get this done as soon as possible.