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Was in 2 year contract and told bill amount for the package was fixed for 2 years. At 1 year bill jumped 20% without prior notice. Told HD fee could change and not part of contract.  So turns out it's a one sided contract - since total bill can change without warning. After 3 hours of time wasted the package was adjusted down, some channels dropped so bill can go back down to original level and was told it will take few days to reflect. It hasn't changed yet after 3 weeks even though I have been on the lower package since previous billing period. Tried calling them again today, unable to get hold of live person after 45 min. Will have to try again tomorrow... Smiley Sad   Now exploring options to stop using cable eg Youtube TV  etc

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Re: Overbilling

If you look at your 2-year contract, you will probably see that there is an increase written in at 1-year.  Could be it wasn't identified/explained completely up front.

Joe V
(not a Comcast employee, just another paying customer)