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Why is all of my services out. All the status page says is unplanned. That is sufficient reason for an outage. Clearly it was unplanned to put all of 18643 zip code out of internet and TV. May I please have a ride reason why it is out? It also told me it would be fixed in 3 hours which would be 1pm yet the time when you drill down to details says 3pm?

Re: Outages

"Unplanned" could be anything from an equipment failure to a car accident. You're probably only be able to get estimated times for repairs, they won't have much other info to share. The support on the forums is not real-time, so everything will probably be fixed before you get an employee response here. I'm sorry, I know that's not particularly helpful to you Smiley Sad



I am a volunteer Expert/Moderator, not an employee.