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Outage 34269

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Outage 34269

Is there an outage in lake suzy

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Re: Outage 34269


Is there an outage in lake suzy

Your My Account page will say if there is an outage in your area.

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Re: Outage 34269

Adding to @RobertWy's excellent advice:


If you have alternative internet access you can check for outages here:


View Outage Information with XFINITY My Account App

Download the XFINITY My Account app for Apple devices from iTunes
Download the XFINITY My Account app for Android devices from Google Play


    1. Log in to the XFINITY My Account app.
    1. If an outage has been detected, the app will display a message as soon as you log in.
      On the app's screen, a message reads "TV Outage Reported, Estimated resolution time: 5 PM."


    1. Tap the outage information to check the area again or to learn more.
      The screen offers the option to choose Refresh Status or Outage Details.

      The Outage Details screen says "Internet Outage: We should have this fixed by 5pm today."

      The Outage Details screen describes two Internet outages that are going on simultaneously and provides an estimated time of repair for each outage.

View Local Outage Information on

    1. Access My Account online from a mobile device.
    1. Tap Connection Status.
    1. Sign in.
    1. Your device will display information about your connection status.
If you've registered your mobile phone number to receive text alerts, you can also text OUT to 266278 (COMCST).



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