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Out of Date Comcast Address - Impact my Coax Connections?

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Out of Date Comcast Address - Impact my Coax Connections?

I recently moved into an apartment that used to be two separate apartments (Unit 3F and Unit 3R). It has now been combined into one unit, Unit 3. When I went to sign up for Comcast Internet services, Comcast did not have updated information about this apartment, and assigned my address to Unit 3F instead of changing things in their system to account for the units being combined. 


When my services started, I found that my internet connection only works through one Coax cable, while the coax connections on the other side of my apartment don't work. I suspect this has to do with Comcast not updating their address and basically only providing me services to half my apartment. Has anyone ever encountered this before and what is the best way to get Comcast to fix it? Seems to me like it would be a simple fix, but I never seem to be able to get ahold of people at Comcast who understand the problem.

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Re: Out of Date Comcast Address - Impact my Coax Connections?

You just need a tech out to verify that the other half is hooked up outside, it’s possible whoever lives in one of the separated units, never had Comcast service or it was damaged during reconstruction

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