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Our Billing and Service

To Whom It May Concern,


My name is Greg and I live in Manassas, VA.  I am very concerned with what is happening with my bill.  I have been with Comcast (Xfinity) for over 20 years and have been very happy with my service.  But my cost has gone up from $209 to $242, and I need to talk to a Supervisor as soon as possible.  I can not think of a worst time to suddenly jack up the price when your customers are at their most vunerable.


I have been trying to call to talk to anyone about coming up with a new plan.  I can not get a hold of anyone either on the phone, or on line.  I am assumimg that the Virus is also affecting your Customer Relations capability.  But suddenly jacking up our Cable Bill without contacting us is not a good way to do business especially during a pandemic and there is no way to get a hold of anyone.  I can not be more disappointed with Xfinity's lack of service and compassion. 


We are now looking closely at moving to Verizon which is also available in our area.  We have all three services with Xfinity and it looks like Verizon is offering their Triple Play with optimum TV movie channels and Gigabyte Internet at around $160.  Please call me at my residence or leave a  number that I can talk with a Supervisor.  Thank you in advance for your support in this matter.