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Ongoing Internet problem, supervisor won't call back

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Ongoing Internet problem, supervisor won't call back

Starting just before Thanksgiving (November 21), we started getting random, short, but frequent Internet disconnects.  Sometimes the disconnects would be lengthy and we’d have to reset the modem.  After troubleshooting the problem with Comcast customer service, we were instructed to go to the local Xfinity store and replace our modem.  The disconnects continued, wi-fi and hard-line.  They sent a technician to the house that gave us a brand new modem, but the problems persisted.  We continued to call customer service and they sent technicians to our house and also performed outside service.  A vast majority of the technicians they sent seemed to be really good and thorough.  Since the problem is random, the Internet would be okay when they finished but soon after they would leave the problems reoccurred.  This has been a huge problem for us since my wife works from home needing Internet for her workstation and VoIP phone.  She frequently does webinars for clients and she would lose her connection during these sessions. 


One of the technicians gave me his supervisor’s name and number to contact if the problem continued.  I called him on December 14, he didn’t call back but he talked to the technician who was at my house.  I called him again on January 3, he didn’t call me back but he had another technician call me on his behalf.  The technician reviewed our history with the supervisor and told me it was an outside problem.  They have the capability to review a recent history of our Internet connectivity and noticed that 12 other customers on the “same offset” were showing similar problems with frequency.  They set up another appointment for an outside technician.  I told him that I appreciated that but that I wanted someone to follow-up with me this time.  He said that a supervisor would call me the afternoon of Monday, January 8. 


The technician that came out on January 6 said he located the problem and thought he fixed it.  He was confident our problems were solved but he did mentioned that a couple of our boxes inside the house were showing some errors and that he was going to let his supervisor know.  Unfortunately the frequent, random disconnects continued.  I waited for my January 8 call from a supervisor, but it never happened.  I left a message again with the supervisor on 1/9 and again on 1/10, no response.  


I’m a patient person but this is ridiculous.  As a result of these problems, my wife is having to commute to the office and we’ve had to purchase unlimited cell data from our carrier since the wi-fi is always down.  We’re also having problems with our Comcast phone now, e.g. frequent disconnects, no dial tone at times, people on the other end not being able to hear us.  I can understand a difficult or complex problem taking time to troubleshoot and like I said most the of technicians have been friendly and professional.  What I can’t accept is the lack of follow-up on Comcast’s part.  This problem is going on two months and after several calls to a supervisor, he has yet to call me.  I need someone at a high-level from Comcast to own this problem, communicate with me, and do what’s necessary to get this fixed. 



Re: Ongoing Internet problem, supervisor won't call back

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 


FYI: They owe you a $20 credit for every tech visit after the first for the same problem.You can also get a credit for your service from the time you first reported the issue until it is resolved.

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Re: Ongoing Internet problem, supervisor won't call back


Hello SKott88, the information that (nerdburg) provided is correct and I can issue a credit for the missed appointment and we can look into a service credit for your time spent without service. Please send me a private message with your full name, street address, and account number by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then "private message me" so that we can get started. 

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Re: Ongoing Internet problem, supervisor won't call back

SKott88 wrote: Hi Amir, 


My wife Linda has worked from home all day without any disconnects!  So we feel fairly confident that the problems are behind us.  I really appreciate your efforts and regular follow-ups.  We also appreciate all the techs that have worked hard on our issues, especially CJ who was able to ultimately resolve the problem.  Please let me know if you need anything else from me. 


Thanks again,


You're welcome, I am glad that we were able to get this taken care of for you. Have a good day.