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Once again, Comcast gives me more reasons to leave, than stay.

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Once again, Comcast gives me more reasons to leave, than stay.

This is fairly pointless, as I know the answer I'm probably gonna get. But what the hey, it's only time out of my day.


I recently decided to end my satellite service agreement with DirectTV, and I went to the Comcast website to see about getting a package of channels back. I saw the "Select" Digital Plus option, which was for $99.00(which we can just begin talking about how you guys pad the bill as a person goes through the selection process) which contained a bunch of sports and news channels, that I didn't want. I also saw the Standard Digital Plus, which was $20 cheaper, but didn't come with a lot of useless channels. So I figure, "well, it's got most of what I want, and little of what I don't so it's worth it." I added HBO, three HD receivers and a "mandatory" modem upgrade for an additional $13 a month, to bring my bill to $140 before the install. Which after everything I went through bouncing services between DirectTV and Comcast for TV, Phone and Internet, was a nice little $40 savings.


I go to review my package for checkout, and all I get is a "We're sorry. Please call 1-800-Xfinity so one of our friendly customer service associates can assist you with this order." But, I figure no big deal, it's a glitch in the computer, it happens all the time. Just call in, and they'll get the package up and running. Except, the very nice woman I spoke with, COULDN'T get the package working. According to her, and boy is this a laugh, the back-office wouldn't allow her to activate the package, because I wasn't a new customer. NOWHERE IN THAT OFFER, DID IT SAY "Available to New Customers only!" So I wait, and I wait, and that poor girl tried three times to convince the mysterious back-office overlords to greenlight this package. But after trying so hard to make the sale, she had to come back and tell me flat out she couldn't do it. 


Well, I'll tell you what I told her: I'm in no hurry. Comcast wants to play this game? Fine. I can keep looking. I can sign up with Verizon or Dish or any of your competitors, and get a decent deal. Maybe I'll get lucky, and I can ship my phone and internet off to them too, since apparently I'm STILL not quite as valued as a new customer is.