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Notification for planned maintenance

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Notification for planned maintenance

Planned maintenance means that it is planned, not that services will be unavailable. Unfortunately, it does mean that service can be intermittently interrupted. I do require the professional courtesy of advance notice of planned maintenance so that I can make alternate arrangements.


Last week: Unexpected outages. The week before: Unexpected outages. These may have been planned maintenance events, but how am I to know? As far as I'm concerned, they are unplanned outages.


I ended up bolting for Starbucks last week because they do not use Comcast as their service provider. It is unfortunately rather loud in there, and inappropriate for meetings. I would love to go to the library, but cannot speak out loud in meetings lest I disturb the other patrons.


So: For important activities requiring connectivity, I need to have advance notice of scheduled maintenance windows (seems like 3 days is a reasonable minimum notification).


Today in a call with Xfinity tech support, I was advised to install the Xfinity My Account app on my phone in order to receive advance notifications. I did so, but can find nothing in the app about today's scheduled maintenance (except that it is currently happening) and nothing about an upcoming scheduled maintenance event that the technician told me about.


He also told me that I should receive text messages about upcoming scheduled maintenance, but I've not received anything proactively from Comcast.


Chatting with the Xfinity bots does nothing other than take you to the Status Center, which only talks about what's happening now, not about upcoming scheduled maintenance windows.


If these maintenance windows are scheduled, why won't Comcast share the schedule with its paying customers who depend upon the connectivity for work or school?


If I'm missing a link somewhere (please do not send me the link to the status center again) that shows planned outages that I can reference each week, I would love to know where it is. This way, I can arrange for an alternate work/school location well in advance without unexpected interruptions.


@ Tom Karinshak (of course, not in this community), if you are reading this, please know that many of your customers deserve the professional courtesy of advance notice for planned maintenance. How could it hurt you to post a schedule for members only?