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Nothing from Dec 2 to Dec 17

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Nothing from Dec 2 to Dec 17

1. My wife and I moved in on Tuesday, Nov 27th and called Comcast on Monday, Dec. 2nd. They told us everything was all set and we could just wait for the installation on Friday, Dec 5th. We didn't receive any confirmation. 

2. We called on Thursday, Dec 4th. They told us that they couldn't find any information about our appointment or anything related to our address or phone number. They had to do everything once again. They also told me that my address was not in their system due to the newly built home. So they have to update their system first. 

3. I got a phone call on Friday, Dec 10th or 11th (I didn't remember). They told me my address is in the address so they could make an appointment for me on Thursday, Dec 12th. 

4. On Dec 12th, one person arrived and he told me that he couldn't install the internet for me because we don't have the cable. They have to bury the cable first which might take 2 wks. 

5. On Dec 13th, I have a notification from Comcast that said cable bury has been delayed without any explanation.

6. Today is Tuesday, Dec 17. It's been 2 wks and we still don't have internet. We don't expect we would have internet in the next few weeks because Comcast doesn't care about us. Also, my area is Comcast ONLY and we don't have any other choices for the internet. Lucy me.