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No response from Customer Service in 6 weeks

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No response from Customer Service in 6 weeks

2 months ago a lightning strike in my neighborhood destroyed a number of devices in my house as improper grounding of the Comcast cable allowed electricity to enter the house and fry anything connected to the coax cable either directly or indirectly.  There was no damage to anything on the electrical lines - the surge came through the coax, not through the electical lines. 

May 30 - I opened a complaint ticket to get an answer on the proper grounding of the cable outside the house - I was told I would get a response in 24 hours - no response

June 6 - I called to see why no response - I was told that I would get a response by June 9th - no response

June 12 - I called to see why still no response - was told the issue would be escalated to supervisor who would then respond - still no response

It's now July 22.....


As a customer for over 25 years I expect to have at least a response to my complaint.  I depend on Comcast so that I can work out of my house - apparently this means nothing to Comcast Customer Service.   My neighborhood is now wired for FIOS - is it time to reconsider internet providers?