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No Feedback for Service Request in New Subdivision

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No Feedback for Service Request in New Subdivision

Hello there,


I justed move into a newly built house in a new subdivision, and my nearest neighbor (200ft and a corner away) has comcast access, so I decided to signup with comcast. 


I reached out to customer support via phone call, chat, email and visited local branch multiple times over 25 days, but none of them can provide me any serviceability result, nor send the technician for surveying. Everytime I contacted them, they all replied with similar answer 'Your case is on the top of list, and you will get reply within 24-48 hours'. 


I am feeling exhuasted and frustated right now, and hope someone in this forum can offer some adivce or assitance. There will be 20 more families move into this popular new subdivision earlier next year, and I am sure they will face same situations soon. Please help us connect with internet/tv/phone, we would love to have comcast service in our new neighborhood. Thank you!


Best wishes,