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New house, no cable wiring

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New house, no cable wiring

Our townhome was completely remodeled before we bought it and we realized (only after moving in) that there were no coaxial outlets.  The Comcast technician said there's not cable running into the house either (but the electric/cable pole is right at the edge of our property).  The technician recommended an electrician but the electrician has told us that Comcast needs to run the initial wire to the house and install the coaxial outlet and then they can install additional outlets from there.  Has anyone had a similar issue? 


Re: New house, no cable wiring

Hi @kmersinger223

Your cable guy is telling you that if you want cables neatly installed in your home, that an electrician needs to do it since the wires will need to be fished through the walls. Wall fishing is not something cable techs do.


Your electrician should home run the coax. This means there should be an individual line from each outlet back to a central location next to your electrical meter. Most residential electricians should know this, so either the electrician you talked to is not knowledgeable or simply doesn't want to do the job. I'd try another electrician. 


Source: I'm a former Comcast tech and an electrician.

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