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We are building a new 57 townhome community in South Florida and have been trying to reach any one at the Comcast Communities department without any luck. There is a contact form at this url: which is supposedly for developers; we've completed it at least four times and every time we get an automatic response stating that a Comcast executive will contact us within 48 hours but that call has never happened. We would like to have Comcast services installed in oiur project but without being able to get in touch we will have to look for other providers as we are about to break ground on our site.

What's the department that would handle this? The site mentioned above is definitely useless, it seems as if no one is actually getting those contact forms, and there is no phone number to call. We also visited our local customer center but they had no idea as to how to route this request., we even spoke to a Comcast Business Consultant and he was also unable to help us.

Does any one know who should we get in touch with for this type of service? Is there a department at Comcast that handles new construction projects ? We want to bring 57 new potential clients on to Comcast and there is no way to do so.