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New connection: Xfinity techs passing the buck

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New connection: Xfinity techs passing the buck

Moved into a new home recently and signed up for Xfinity internet only connection. So far 4 tech visits have been scheduled with no connection yet.

Visit 1: May 15. The tech came half hour early and called. Because this was important I cut short my previous appointment and rushed over from my previous residence. The tech said he could not find the internet utility pole near my building. He said he will talk to his supervisor and figure it out since the area was within coverage and I could leave and he will call me back. Tech left without calling and I received a message for a reappointment.

Visit 2: May 20. Tech came in on time and gave me the modem. He went around the house and found the utility pole at a distance in the backyard. Commented the previous one probably left because it would take some work to get a line from there. Took a look at the junction box next to the wall and told me to get an electrician to drill a hole in the wall  to get the cable through and rescheduled. Provided a cable to get it through and keep it ready.

Visit 3: May 23. I drilled the hole in the wall and got the cable through awaiting the tech visit. Got a message 1 hour ahead of schedule that the tech was here. Immediately went to the door but no one was there. No one called my number. Tech was a no show. Received another reschedule message for May 28.

My wife and I are physicians seeing patients on virtual visits because of COVID. These Xfinity guys do not care how critical it is for us to have high speed internet to conduct these visits online. Internet is an essential service and they don't appreciate the importance or timeliness of their job. This compromises our patients and puts us in a really tough spot.  I will file a complaint with BBB and FCC. Please help.


UPDATE 5/25: The issue was addressed by the regional technical manager and efficiently resolved on the same day. Thank you so much!!!