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New XFi Advantage Questions with the XB6

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New XFi Advantage Questions with the XB6



Since I continually reach my 1024GB limit on my xFinity WiFi, I was called by a rep today letting me know that they have a new xFi Advantage program that for $15 extra will give me the unlimited data; however, I will need the new XB6 modem (which the rental is covered in the $15 fee for xFi Advantage). They said they could not send this to me and that I need to pick it up in store, which is a hassle for me since my wife and I both work at home.


In any case, my questions are:

* Is there any way at all to have the XB6 sent to me? Instead of going to a store?

* Right now, I have m own wireless router and use my XB3 only for the modem bridge to the router. I am assuming I can use the XB6 in the same way?

* Anything else I should know about this new xFi Advantage program? I am mainly interested for the unlimited data each month since I am already paying for the high speed plan.