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New Service Request was Canceled by Xfinity Construction

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New Service Request was Canceled by Xfinity Construction

In May of this year I made a request for service, on June 6th a field technician visited our house for installation but said that he would refer it to construction due to the length of the service connection, this I understood. We are 800' off of the road and have no cable lines to our house, I expected that we would be asked to share the cost of the installation. I just needed to know what the costs would be.

Today, after nearly 6 weeks, I called customer service to find out what the status is. I was told by customer service that the order was canceled by construction and was unceremoniously transferred to sales. 

The person at sales didn't understand why they sent me to him, it was a construction issue. He contacted construction and then told me I needed to contact construction directly and gave me a phone number to call, 855-216-1588.  This number connected me to a Comcast location in the mid Atlantic states and asked that I leave a message but that it could take up to a week to respond.


I did not leave a message.

I don't understand why my order was canceled as no one, after the technician's visit, has reached out to me in any format. I have now travelled, via phone, across the Atlantic Ocean and down the eastern seaboard to be no further to understand what is going on or what happened.


Some type of answer would be nice but my patience, much like my time, has limits.