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New Plan Issues with Existing Equipment

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New Plan Issues with Existing Equipment

I found the perfect new plan for us online.  As I was going through the check out process, I got to the "TV" section and a pop-up showed on the screen.  It says "Please add at least one more TV box to continue".   We are currently renting two X1 TV boxes and one TV box (basic).  During check-out, the system only recogizes the two X1 TV boxes and the one basic TV box isn't anywhere to be found.  That's why it is hiccupping.  So I can't move forward in the check-out process without adding another box.  The only option given is X1 TV box.  I don't want a third X1 TV box.  I want to keep the current equipment set I have.  


As an aside, I was in a Xfinity store this evening.  I exchanged my modem and asked the salesman about the new plan.  He wanted to give me the same exact plan but $10 more expensive per month.  I showed him what was offered online and he said I would need to do online because he couldn't offer me that (really?!)  So this could have been avoided if he had the interest or ability to execute this new plan that I showed him on the internet on my phone.  If I am offered a plan online, anyone - phone, internet or in person should be able to offer me the same plan.  


I also asked the chat what to do.  They said that it is a website glitch and I would need to add one more X1 TV box for $9.95/month (then call later and get it straightened out).  Um, no.  That's just inviting more issues.   Xfinity has a reputation of nickel and diming you to death and this isn't helping (same goes for the inperson visit who wanted to charge me $10 more a month).  


What would be nice is if what I currently have as far as equipment goes that is clearly shown on my account, shows during the check-out process of the new plan.  If that isn't possible, please then make all the equipment rental options available to pick from so I can accurately reflect the equipment we have and I can move forward with the checkout process.  


I guess I will wait to see if the chat guy was right...that it is a website glitch and someone is actively working to fix it.  The deal expires at the end of May, so if no luck by then, I'll just have to call.



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Re: New Plan Issues with Existing Equipment

PMorrison20, thanks for posting. 


Cable boxes aren't a part of the actual agreement for services so you could get the 3rd box and then return it after it is sent to you and this would not change your rate as the 3rd box isn't the primary box that is usually discounted or included with services. 


I can also check to see if I can offer you the promotional rate and circumvent the 3rd box online requirement. Send me a private message with your full name for help. 



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