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New Customer - Need to speak to supervisor

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New Customer - Need to speak to supervisor

I recently (just over a week ago) signed up with new service bundle (internet and TV). I'm calling back as I was told I had a 30 day guarantee and now my husband would like to add more channels. I have an advertised flyer that was sent to me that I used when signing up. I was going between two packages and ordered the lower one. I was calling back to order the Digital Starter package that was offered for $20 more than my current bundle at $59.99/mo. No one will honor that price anymore because I'm not a "NEW CUSTOMER" anymore... I was told that I could decide later to add more channels at this rate.  I've spoke with 3 different agents with no ability to get me to the 79.99 rate. 


I'm super frustrated. This was Jan 26th when I called and signed up. Today is Feb 9th and the only thing they can offer me is a rate of 94.99 for the same package that I could have signed up for a little over a week ago for 79.99. I thought one agent was going to help me out by putting me in a Latino package that would get me the same channel line up but that also included HD technology fee (9.95) and a Service HD Box fee for (9.95). So that raised my rate another $20/mo. 


This is not a way to start a relationship, Comcast. I'm not asking for anything for FREE, just to honor your price on a flyer that I signed up for less than 2 weeks ago.



Is there a direct line to call to speak to someone who can help me out??? No one will put me through to a supervisor. They all have the same access they are saying.


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Re: New Customer - Need to speak to supervisor

Hello jroberts83. I can assist you with an account review to see if there is any way I can honor the offer you received. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can help you.