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New Customer, Can't FIND ANY HELP

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New Customer, Can't FIND ANY HELP

I'm looking to work on my account and I get a screen that says I need to call


1 877 680 7173


I fumble through that terrible automated system and it tells me it will get me to an agent because it can't do what I need it to do


I then get directed to an automated voice message that says - "blah blah, we wont pay people to work from home so no customer service is what you get - so you need to use our text assistant, I've texted you a link" (paraphrased)


Now I use the text assisstant and its basically the same functionality of the voice assisstant I 'spoke at' earlier. It then, guess what, directs me to a 'representative' - but surprise there are no representatives to talk to through messenger.


Now for some reason I was also able to get (text assistant) to schedule a call to me from an agent. Said I should get it in a few minutes. Its been an HOUR and at this point I know its not coming.


And then, to top it all off, it will give me the original phone number to call when none of this works.


This is useless.