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New Construction - Servicability

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New Construction - Servicability

We recently moved into a new house. I call Comcast, chat them online, and everyone gives me a different answer. Finally I am told to bring a utility bill and ID to the local store because the house is still listed as "new construction.". I bring this to the store the next say, and am told it will be updated in 24 hours.

Since then, I have called every single day. Reps hang up on me. Reps transfer me. Everyone is telling me something different. I get an email from the local store rep who told me my address is now serviceable. Another rep on the phone says my house is still listed as under construction. Another rep says the ticket has been closed, and my address is not serviceable.

I am in a neighborhood full of Comcast customers. Please, someone help me! All I want is my Internet activated! This has been a complete nightmare so far.

Re: New Construction - Servicability

Hi @Zach_City

Thank you for visiting the forums. I'm not really sure why you're having such a problem there - it shouldn't be that complicated.


I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not an employee.
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Re: New Construction - Servicability


Zach_City, thanks for posting. Let's get to the bottom of your serviceability. Please send me a private message with your full name, address and phone number tied to your residential services for help. Just click my name and then click private message me.